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We live in Melbourne, Australia, one of the most livable cities in the world. We like to travel and our current jobs in online Six Sigma training (if you need statistics, statistical process control, design of experiments or measurements systems analysis, gage r&r for your job try our highly recommended online courses!) allow us to do it more frequently than in the past. We cycle nearly every day near our house on the north-eastern outskirts of Melbourne. Our house is in the hills, our daily 15km cycle keeps us fit.

One day a week we go on a longer ride between 50 to 80km. We either follow one of Melbourne's dedicated bicycle routes or go up on a more challenging Lake Mountain ride. Several times a year we go into the countryside and cycle for a few days on the Great Ocean Road or in the Victorian Spa Country near Daylesford. Sometimes we go into Australian Alps and cycle up the mountains to skiing resorts. We cycled up Mt Hotham and Mt Buffalo.


glen netherwood

Glen likes mechanical challenges and looks after the technical side of the cycling trips. He has selected our bicycles and prepares them for our trips. He is also the one who fixes flat tires, packs the bikes into boxes or bags. Occasionally, he carries heavy weights.

When we are on tour Glen keeps a diary with highlights of each ride. This diary becomes the basis for the trip report on this Web site.

Apart from cycle touring Glen's big passion is woodworking. He spends all his spare time in his woodworking shed whenever we are at home.

margaret netherwood

Margaret loves planning our trips. She uses her Internet research skills to find the best cycling routes, most interesting places to stay, she also likes good food.

Apart from planning Margaret is a very keen photographer. Nearly all pictures on this Web site have been taken by her.

Margaret is also a Web designer, she has created and maintains this Web site.

Margaret and Glen are both keen downhill skiers and spend about a month a year skiing usually in Whistler, Canada.

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