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What we did years ago.. 

History of Margaret in Cyberspace

Margaret in Cyberspace was created in 1996 as a learning tool for the newly arrived World Wide Web. I worked at a time in the Strategy Development Unit of Telstra in Melbourne, Australia. The first time I saw the Internet and the Web was in 1993 just after the release of the first browser Mosaic. I was blown away. For 10 years afterwards I was involved in selling the Internet to the senior management, preparing strategic papers and demonstrating what could be done on the Web. These were the days of dialup modems so anything could happen! Connections were slow and unreliable, the Web pages and applications had to be very lean to load fast.

Today some of my 20+ years old Web designs look tiny, images are very low resolution, links go to the non existant sites, some layouts look very silly but then the screen resolution was just 640x480 pixels!

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